Monthly List of New Movers

Each month (usually by the 10th), a new list of contacts will be sent via email (csv file).

Who Is My Neighbor? Ebook

We provide a set of ideas on how to implement a new movers ministry effectively and efficiently. Every area is different so take the ideas and run.

Sample Letters

People enjoy getting mail, and we have included several sample letters that churches have used to send to new movers in their area. Hope they help.

Prayer Cards

One of the best ways to involve your church is to pray through the new movers' list. Anyone can do that, right? We've also found it effective to let them know that you are praying for them with a simple, hand-written postcard.

Postcard Designs

Our sample postcard designs will save you time and money. Simply customize them and print them at home, online, or at your local Staples, etc. A postcard in the mail is a great, non-threatening way to reach out to this demographic.

Bible Verse Videos

We also include some simple videos for you to share on your church's Facebook page and other social media sites. When new movers are interested in church, be sure they will look at your website and social media before deciding to visit.

Sign Up for $20/Month
Sign Up for $20/Month

Contact Us

Our desire is to help and assist churches. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


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