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Find New People in Your Area

Here at, we assist churches in reaching out with the Gospel to people who have recently relocated to their area.

What We Offer

Our ministry supporters enjoy the benefits listed here; and all for just $20/month. You can join by clicking the button below.

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Monthly List of New Movers

Each month, we provide churches with the contact information of people who have recently moved into their area.

Who Is My Neighbor? Ebook

We also provide an ebook giving churches ideas on how to use the new movers' ministry and the new movers/ list.

Sample Letters

Sample letters (that other churches are currently using or have used in the past with some effectiveness) are provided to help you get started.

Postcard Designs

We also have several postcard designs available, including our prayer card for you to customize and use. 

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Our desire is to help and assist churches. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


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